Mobile Services

Paintless Dent Repair
Interior Repair and Odor Elimination
Paint Repair
Alloy Wheel Services

Our staff can provide weekly scheduled or as-needed Paintless Dent Repair (PDR), interior repair, alloy wheel, or paint services. We take pride in quality work at competitive prices, while providing most on-site services within the same-day. Our clients can also rely on our mobile technicians to be EPA and OSHA certified.

In-house Recon

Expert consulting
Staffing for reconditioning services
On-site reconditioning services


At AutoFX, we have an assembly line process that reduces time to market from one accountable source. Skilled technicians with EPA and OSHA certifications are on-site 6 days a week. Also, our in-house technology allows clients to track the location and “in-process” status of vehicles during service.

Our goal is to fulfill all reconditioning services in under 5 days, providing clients with a defined time to market. For more information, request a consultation to tour one of our working models in the Midwest and see all the ways our customized processes can positively affect your business.

Services include:

  • Paint Touch-up
  • Detail Services
  • Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)
  • Odor removal
  • Headlight Restoration
  • Bumper Repair
  • Light Body Work
  • Alloy Wheel Services
  • Marketing and Media Services

Benefits to you

  • Increase CSI scores and customer retention
  • Mobile service repairs on your lot when you need it
  • Reduce your overall costs in labor, benefits, hiring, training, and claims
  • One time charge allocated to a vehicle covers all costs pertaining to operation of in house reconditioning department
  • Assembly line production for reconditioning improves time to market stopping profit margin erosion from holding costs


Our mission is to give our clients quality reconditioning through customized processes, extensive employee training and innovative product technology.

Currently, we partner with GMG Envirosafe to provide us with training and to ensure our technicians are OSHA and EPA compliant.


"Autofx is an important piece to turning my Used Car Inventory 15 times a year. I trust my 3 franchises with AutoFX."

Steve Gjokaj

General Manager of Liberty Auto Plaza

"The reconditioning services provided are exceptional. I would strongly recommend AutoFX."

Jim DaLuga

General Manager of Brilliance Subaru

"AutoFX delivered better quality and improved our time to market"

Dave Mcgrath

Owner/COO of Mcgrath Auto group

Next Steps...

Contact us for an on-site consultation and see how we stand out from the competition.